Alone in Columbia


“Keep talking to me guys,”

I say it on the radio,

as you drift away,

This is it now.


All eyes watch you make history,

and I’m sitting here inside,

sweating like a nervous bride.

Right about now.


The world will be marvelling at you,

but they do not know,

history has not yet been made,

God, it’s still playing out now.


It’s 50-50, you say,

I’m waiting here in Columbia,

waiting to hear from Eagle.

Absolutely nothing I can do now.


One day without you, hidden behind the moon,

Out of sight and out of mind, hidden by 250,000 miles,

and if you could say it you would have,

You would have said it now.


The speech is written, it’s ready to be given.

This is my secret terror,

that I’ll be alone now.

and you’ll have been lost forever.


“Fate has ordained

that the men who went to the moon 

to explore in peace 

will stay on the moon 

to rest in peace.”


Me a marked man returning home,

this is just one day to kill,

but in my head, time drags on and only fear will fill,

these moments of dread now.


Since you left me,

you have made me the single most distant,

Solo Traveller,

patiently stranded in orbit now.


I’m waiting here, alone in Columbia,

I am truly alone now.

Three days we spent gazing out,

on the earth getting smaller and smaller

Something to write home about.


But we’re still not convinced,

this dream is meant to come true.

If they fail to rise from the surface

or crash back into it?


Whatever should happen,

I am a changed man.

I know it, this is aloneness,

unknown to man before now.


No radio transmission from mission control,

the bulk of the moon has blocked them all.

While the world watches on at what you do,

You’re the only thing on my mind now.


I’m thinking of both of you

Your mothership waits behind

You can take your steps

I will watch on now.


Our giant leaps may soon demise,

the mothership’s only son,

the eagle, attempts to fly

Did apollo 11 forget me?


Did destiny only write half my story

all born in 1930,

each one of us born at the right time,

the very first lunar landing now.


And we returned home,

from way out there.

To return home with you

was the greatest of honours now.


Whether they even remember me or not,

Alone in Columbia.

Out there I’m never forgot,

And put lucky on my tombstone — we made it back.



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