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Now that I have a book released, I’ve been slowly trying to reach wider audiences that might be interested in my short story collection and other works, as well as keeping current readers and supporters up to date. With the help of a friend, I’ve been working on developing a monthly newsletter.

It’s still early days but I’ve been slowly increasing my reach through social media, book swaps, reader magnets, and giveaways through my newsletter (some of these things I had no idea about and thanks to Kay, she has been willing to give me an idiot’s guide along the way! (Go check out her writing at

Why am I telling you this? Well simply because I started this newsletter back in April and I have only just added this to my blog so I suppose it’s partly delayed housekeeping and partly to see if you’re interested in signing up to my newsletter. As I’ve said, it’s montly and it includes writing updates, book reviews, flash fiction, book swaps and deals for you and more!

To sign up – go to this link: SUBSCRIBE! 

Thank you and I hope you enjoy it!



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