Leaving London


Leaving London
Is putting an orphan to bed
A beautiful, little girl.
You put her to bed, sweet dreams
And as the sun sets
you leave, have to
And when she wakes up
You’re not there.
She knows nothing about it
vague memory, slight trace
Ticket stubs, Starbucks wrapper
A date in the diary

Just another
Who sung praises like a lullaby
Played with her,
Prim and proper dolls,
Train tracks,
State of mind.

That first instance you walked
Into her
Smelling like
Smoke, leather, pastries
Sounding like
Wheels, tarmac, soles
You’re joining in with the noise
Of everyone here

She wasn’t so much shy
About it, so much as
Showing off.
Goodnight sweet girl,
See you again soon.
But she’s a beautiful orphan
And she belongs to no one.
Not you.

Not me.

Kelly Punton ©